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Electric Fencing


Energisers, Electic Fence Posts, Polywire, Polytape & Polyrope, Galvanised Electric Fencing Wire, Insulators, Fence Testers, 9v batteries, Gate handles & endless other bits & pieces!

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Half Sawn 6ft Fence Posts


Class 4. For Post & Rail or wire fencing.

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Round 6ft Fence Posts


Class 4 for post & rail or wire fencing

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12ft Half Sawn Rails


Class 4 for post & rail fencing

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Round 6ft Tree Stakes


Handy round posts for tree stakes, electic fencing or paddock division.

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Stock Fence 50 metre roll


C80-15.  80cms high.

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Galvanised Barbed Wire 200m roll


British Standard.

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Galvanised Staples


For barbed wire & stock fence. Available in 1kg packs

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Wire Netting

Available in various lengths, heights, mesh sizes, and wire thicknesses (guages)

  • 10m rolls of 13mm (half inch) mesh size in 23 guage wire. Available in 600mm and 900mm heights.
  • 10m rolls of 25mm (inch) mesh size in 20 guage wire. Available in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm heights.
  • 10m rolls of 50mm (two inch) mesh size in 19 guage wire. Available in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm heights (1200mm height also available in a 25m roll).
  • 6m rolls of 25mm square welded mesh size in 19 guage wire. Available in 900mm, and 1200mm heights.


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Brazier Smokeless Coal 20kg


Brazier Smokeless Coal is a clean burning and compact smokeless fuel suitable for use in open fires and multi fuel stoves. It is a good performing coal burning up to 24% Hotter than traditional House Coal and with a longer and more sustanined release of heat. In addition it also produces 25% less CO2 than house coal and up to 80% less smoke leaving little residue and wastage. The best price in the area!

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Traditional House Coal 20kg


Not suitable for smokeless zones.  Due to be outlawed next year for the sake of the planet - but you can't beat it for a glowing fire. :) A great price from us too

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Hotmax 20kg


High energy, clean, fast high heat Low CO2 and very low ash residue. Completely natural and sustainable For woodburners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, bbqs and chimeneas.  A great price from us too.

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Clean, dry kindling in handy hessian bags


Wheel Barrows

Woodchip Forks

Manure Forks




Snow Shovels

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