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Horse Wormers

Equest Box Equest



Available in a dial-a-dose syringe, Equest with its 13-week dosing interval is the longest lasting routine wormer. Controls with a single dose the adult and larval stages of roundworms including migrating large redworm larvae and the inhibited and developing stages of encysted small redworm larvae; also controls bots. One syringe treats a 700kg horse. Active ingredient - Moxidectin. POM-VPS.

Equest Pramox Box Equest Pramox

Equest Pramox


A unique combination equine wormer. It is the only combination wormer to control with a single dose: small redworm including all stages of the harmful and potentially life threatening encysted small redworm larval stages, as well as other roundworm species, bots and all 3 species of tapeworm. A palatable gel, it is presented in an easy to use dial-a-dose syringe and has a 13-week dosing interval. One syringe treats a 700kg horse. Active ingredients: Moxidectin and Praziquantel. POM-VPS.

Eraquell Box Eraquell



Kills important internal parasites of horses, including arterial stages of the large redworm, lungworm and bots, with a single dose. Each apple flavoured tablet is for 100kg of body weight (up to 800kg horse) and each syringe up to 700kg of body weight. Active ingredients: Ivermectin. POM-VPS.

Equimax Box Equimax



A combination of two ingredients to give the broadest spectrum of activity. It kills all major intestinal parasites of the horse including arterial stages of the large redworm, lungworm, bots and tapeworm in a single dose. Apple flavoured for palatability. Packed in an easy to use syringe or easy to administer tablets. Each syringe will treat a horse of 700kg body weight. Each tablet is for 100kg of body weight. Active ingredients: Ivermectin and Praziquantel. POM-VPS.

Panacur Paste Box Panacur Paste

Panacur Paste


A broad-spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment and control of adult and immature roundworms of the gastro-intestinal tract in horses and other equines. Also has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs. One syringe contains 24g of an 18.75% paste formulation of fenbendazole and 0.2% apple and cinnamon flavour as a ready to administer oral anthelmintic for horses. Legal Category: POM-VPS.

Strongid P Paste Box Strongid P Paste

Strongid P Paste


A safe, effective, well accepted and easily administered broad-spectrum anthelmintic, which is indicated for use in the horse and donkey for the control and treatment of adult infections of large and small strongyles. It is a pale yellow to buff paste, containing 43.9% w/w pyrantel embonate in an inert carrier and presented in a disposable plastic syringe/oral doser. Legal Category: POM-VPS

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