Baverstock Country Supplies - WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Baverstock Country Supplies - WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

About us

Established in 1981, we are a traditional retail country store selling feeds, bedding and other supplies for horses, pets, poultry, wild birds, farm animals, aviary birds & pigeons. 


We are a little different from some shops - we are like shops used to be. We offer good service and are friendly & approachable.  Our retail shop in Westerham Hill could not possibly be big enough to show you the range of goods that we house in our feed barns . This website is currently under construction and will be a shop window for the huge range of products that we sell. 


We pride ourselves on the range that we offer, our value for money and the sound advice we can give you, based on nearly 35 years of experience.  All of the staff have a passion for animals and between us we own a huge assortment, some of them featured in our photographs.  Our animals are a massive part of our lives and we love them.  Looking after their best interests has been our motivation to keep learning and to keep abreast of new developments  in animal nutrition AND welfare. 


We are Main Stockists for many of the major animal feed brands.... and some of the smaller ones too and we can usually source most brands - we have a highly efficient special order facility. We are very knowledgeable on animal nutrition and are qualified to advise you on the use of veterinary medicines used in equines & companion animals for parasite control. We are licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.


 If you have any questions while the website is being established, then please do phone us or find us on facebook as Baverstock Country Supplies.  What would be even better is for you to come to our shop and talk to us..... you see, our strength is face to face communication and personal service.  This is what Baverstock Country Supplies is all about. 


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