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UPDATE 16th JUNE 2020

We continue to offer alternative ways of shopping with us.  You can come into the shop in the normal way ((social distancing measures are in place) OR, you can phone  on the day, pay over the phone ,and we will get your goods ready for you to collect on a pallet in the yard to enable a contactless transaction.  The choice is yours.   We also continue to offer free small local deliveries for those originally advised by the NHS to shield. 

UPDATE 8th April 2020

Hi all. Hope everybody agrees the new system is working well.  We are sorry if the changes in our opening hours during the lockdown period are catching a few people out.  The changes allow us to operate more efficiently and safely.


Stocks of most things are reasonable.  Hunter shavings stocks are non-existent, I'm afraid - but that isn't totally unheard of, is it?  :) Some of you are going to have to get over your Hunter-love for a while.



We are all fit & healthy at the moment - and it's nice to see our customers, albeit from a 2 metre distance!


Keep well 

UPDATE 31st March 2020

Hi there.  Hope you are all managing under lockdown.  We are still open for business  for essential visits within our temporary new opening times (see Home Page) .  Sourcing some goods has  become problematic.  Whilst we always do our best to continue to meet your animal feed needs, I would ask you to manage your expectations and be prepared to move to alternative products that are in stock.    Most of our customers are very understanding but there are always the few.....    and I am afraid I can't guarantee a tolerant response to those few.  The staff really don't deserve a hard time.


Keep well  



UPDATE 27th March 2020


Hi all. Hope you've managed ok this week. It's been quite challenging, hasn't it? Don't forget - yes, we are open in lock-down but you should only be making essential visits to us.


Just to clear up any confusion about the system we operate currently:


You don't HAVE to pre-order and pay on the phone on the day you are coming. We CAN operate this system for those who would rather shop like this. Otherwise, come to the shop in the normal way. We have a one-at a time in the shop policy and a sensible queueing system outside (wrap up warm, it's a bit chilly).


Inside the shop, you can pay by cash or card. If paying by card and your order comes to more than the contactless amount and you are not really happy about touching the card machine, then please wear gloves or use the end of your biro to press the keys.


We take precautions our end very seriously. We started wearing gloves well ahead of the curve ;), we disinfect the card machine & counter regularly, and we now have our new Perspex germ screen (patent pending) in place across the counter for everyone's protection.


When your order is ready, you can either collect it from the trolley or pallet and load it yourself - OR ….open your boot and we will load for you. All we ask politely is that you maintain a 2metre distance from us.


Don't forget the new opening hours. They have been introduced to allow us to operate more efficiently in difficult times - and to give us a bit of a break too.


10.00 TIL 12.30 and 1.30 TIL 4

CLOSED WEDNESDAYS (to allow us to concentrate on deliveries) & SUNDAYS

THESE HOURS ARE OUR LOCKDOWN HOURS. Check back for updates. Keep well, people! :)

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